QR Codes

e-Business Mobile's QR Code Marketing creates greater brand awareness, business success and revenues. By simply posting your two dimensional QR Code you can open the door to numerous new possibilities. Place your QR Code on your Facebook fan page for all your followers to see, on any print marketing material for anyone to pick up, and even your website to ensure that all visitors have the possibility to be quickly reached. Connect to Customers Quicker and Easier!

Configure Your QR Code to Automatically Connect with Each Scan

  • With the ability to just snap a quick picture, your QR Code replaces the need for your customer to type and send your mobile keyword
  • Allow quick, on-demand delivery of your coupons, promotions and latest news to your customers
  • Make opting-in to your mobile marketing database easy and non-threatening

Benefits of QR Code Marketing

  • Measure campaign performance by market segment
  • Obtain more customers and spread your reach
  • Accelerate the process of amplifying your opt-in customer database
  • Evaluate the number of scans and mobile sign-ups and keep track of your success
  • Increase advertising response rates dramatically
  • Distribute your mobile offers promptly to immediately boost your sales