MMS Messaging

MMS, or Multimedia Messaging Service, allows you to send picture, video or audio in a text message, to and from mobile phones. Normal SMS messages contain up to 160 characters per message, MMS takes this further by allowing up to 500 characters per message.

e-Business Mobile's Multimedia Messaging Service allows brands and advertisers to deliver powerful messages quicker than any other communication medium has before.

Benefits of MMS Messaging

  • Going Green-By eliminating the need for paper, mobile messages can send colorful pictures without the costly use of natural resources.
  • Interactive MMS-Create a modern mobile experience with amazing branding possibilities by including images, animation and sound.
  • Increased Response Rate-Because of its interactivity and entertainment value, MMS videos can lift user interest and increase the direct response rates. People may be tired of just seeing simple text and a video will spark their interest.
  • Personalized MMS- Custom and unique MMS messaging are delivered one at a time to individual customers to have a higher impact on their response.
  • Targeted MMS-Communicate with the right people immediately by send MMS to specific groups based on locations, demographics or interest.